Our core business is:

  • Financial services
  • Comprehensive service offering
  • Expert support for our clients

We represent most Namibian and significant International insurance companies – a comprehensive list can be found on our website – enabling us to meticulously tailor-make your insurance cover, whatever the nature of your business or risk profile and provide you with competitive rates and complete peace of mind.

We confirm the relationship that we have with our customers is far more than just transactional.  We develop a risk partnership with your organisation, based on regular, planned contact.  This will allow all parties to be aware of the respective needs and expectations in order to facilitate future planning and enable us to shape our offering accordingly.
Risk profiling and surveys

Apart from guaranteed regular visits, where we pro-actively assess changes on your risk and negotiate premiums when new and on renewal of policies, Multisure offers comprehensive insurance surveying of your personal assets, your business and the risks you are exposed to. We visit your premises (or multiple sites if applicable) and consider, discuss with and advise you on your risks accordingly. We calculate the Estimated Maximum Loss so that underwriters understand in detail what the risk or exposure is.

During Risk Profiling we break down your business and, in consultation with you, advise what the various risks to your business are. Risk profiling dovetails with surveys, but involves a more detailed advisory aspect about how to insure correctly and sufficiently. In these cases “off the shelf” insurance products rarely address your specific insurance requirements, so we structure policies around your business.

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Multisure Financial Services is all about insurance and we will surely make insuring and managing your risk as hassle-free and financially prudent as possible.

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