Multisure Financial Services is a 100% Namibian owned group of companies - comprising a Short Term Insurance Broker and both Short and Long Term Reinsurance Brokerages, aligned to International markets, with more than 120 years’ combined insurance experience, specialist expertise and an unfailing reputation.  We value a client-centric spirit, a value-driven offering, teamwork, partnerships and interdependence as our competitive advantage.

Our disciplined and non-bureaucratic approach ensures swift identification of problems and the elimination of road-blocks, allowing you the freedom to do what you do and the peace of mind in knowing that we’ve got your risk covered.

We have a culture that values and promotes creativity – allowing us to challenge the “way things are done” and explore “how things could be” without compromising the highest moral and ethical standards. We have unparalleled expertise in all forms of risk management techniques, Insurance Broking expertise, Reinsurance Broking in Long Term and Medical Placement and an unsurpassed approach to claims management.


We are committed to long-term strategic client relationships providing proactive, cost effective advice and solutions. Our objective is to establish one approach and practice, that increases our leverage...
Phoenix Insurance Group

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Multisure Financial Services is all about insurance and we will surely make insuring and managing your risk as hassle-free and financially prudent as possible.

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